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10 Things
Comments on the JPL/NASA article
"10 Things You Should Know About Planetary Defense"

"A case for the formation and mission of
a National Space Corps: Planetary Defense Division"

The Falling Stars War

Comments on NASA's Small Bodies Assessment Group

Comments on The Formation of the Space Mission Planing Advisory Group

The Case for Funding IAWN:
You Don't Get What You Don't Pay For

Leave Nothing To Chance
Affirmative Arguments for a Greater Planetary Defense Effort

In Response to the Asteroid Initiative RFI

Open Letter to U.S. Senate Committee
on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

Open Letter to U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Science, Space and Technology
Re: Hearing on Responding to the Threat of Asteroid Impact

Comments on OSTP's Letter to Congress: 2011

Comments on NAC Ad Hoc Task Force on Planetary Defense Final Report: 2010

A Strategic Critique of the NRC Final Report: 2010

Leave Nothing To Chance: 2009
Planetary Defense Decision Making Elements

National Planetary Defense Agency
An Open Letter to The President

An Open Letter to the UN COPUOS: 2009
A critical response to “Asteroid Threats: A Call for Global Response”

A Million Miles A Day: 2009
Speaking For The Worst Case Scenario

H.R. 4917: 2008
The NEO Preparedness Act Petition

Three Executive Decisions: 2008
An Open Letter to The President

To Mars... or Die: 2008
Arguments Towards A Critical Alternate Vision

Cosmic Promise: 2007
Logic and Arguments Justifying a National Planetary Defense Policy

To Whom This Should Concern: 2006
Arguments Towards a National Planetary Defense Authority: NASA vs. DoD

NEONet: 2005
To Catch a Falling Star

Waging War on TNLA: 2004
The Next Large Asteroid on its way to strike Earth

NEOShiva: 2003
Unacceptable Risk/Detection/Interdiction/USS Chicxulub/Mars: Tunguska Base

Gaiashield: 2002
The Sky Is Falling Now!